Healthy Alternative To Fast Food

Healthy Alternative To Fast Food
“Best Things in Life Aren’t Free – Just Oil Free!”
We love fast food because it’s fast, tasty, cheap and convenient. They are cooked in oil or deep-fried in fat – meaning they were never healthy and at today’s prices, not that cheap anymore.
Food at Wheelys Café, on the other hand, is air-fried or grilled without oil. They are cooked real fast, while you wait, and people tell us the meals are tasty, especially the BBQ, toasties, cinnamon rice and pasta. Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to fast food by serving oil free food, handmade premium-blend coffee and homemade slow juice.
Solar-powered mobile Wheelys Cafes operated by self-employed entrepreneurs serve quality coffee and healthy food and drink on the streets of nearly 100 cities around the world. So everyone can enjoy the beguiling, compelling aroma and robust energy of great coffee!
Cold Pressed Slow Juice
Slow juice is extracted by cold-pressing fruit and vegetable at 72 rpm, meaning, its very slow. Unlike blended or centrifugal extracted juice, ingredients are not cut, sliced, diced and chopped and NO WATER, Citric Acid, Sugar or Flavouring is added. This also means that our juice is the most nutritious and healthy since more of the actual fruit is extracted. and not just blended with water. Slow juicers also extract more nutrition from the fruit itself since less of the plant fiber is destroyed due to the slow grinding and crushing movement vs a fast chopping or slicing.
“Live forever. Or die trying!”
The environmental angle was a huge part of its inception – ensuring that this self-employing kart was at the same time, ecologically conscious. We as Wheelys Cafe Colombo, also take this vision seriously, and are committed to the mantra – repurpose, reuse, recycle. Although we have far to go, we hope we can contribute as much as we are able into making sure we don’t destroy the one planet that was nice enough to give us life.
Wheelys Cafe 80
From our origins in a small cafe built out of wooden shipping pallets, we take our recycled journey a step further and now keep ourselves warm on the side of Independence Avenue, in a smaller, but sturdier, Shipping Container. Famous for our quick and easy take-aways and delivery, we also recently introduced a couple of tables for anyone wanting to sit down and take in the scenery.
Click Here to view our Menu on Facebook Wheelys Cafe 80 is open daily from 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM and is located at 25, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07 (at the 80 Club premises). You can call us on 0777917430 for details. Here’s how to easily find us on Google Maps –

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